Every Sunday @ 4:20

Our weekly #SisterSeshSunday is our way of ritually connecting with our Ganja Goddess Tribe. We all make an effort to gather our cannasisters for a sistersesh each Sunday at 4:20pm. During this sistersesh we try to consciously build each other up. We cultivate our connection with our inner Ganja Goddess as we practice Radical Self Love with each inhale. We find that by taking time to focus on ourselves, we then have more to give to our families and communities. And that’s how you can puff, puff, pass your way to self improvement and making the world a better place!

If you’re interested in hosting a local sistersesh with your canna sisters, please fill out the following request form. We are accepting applications until Dec 31, 2017 for beta testers to host local SisterSeshes. We hope to work with our tribe to create the best way to organize our local communities so that we can all safely and comfortably enjoy the sisterhood, support, and connection that comes from participating in a weekly SisterSeshSunday!



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