The Ganja Goddess Getaway is an overnight retreat for women focusing on ways to use cannabis as a creative and spiritual tool.

Our mission is simple: we are here to help connect women to each other and to the plant.

  • We want to promote the love, friendship, and connections that women have – with themselves, each other, and the world around them.
  • We are about women helping women become the best versions of themselves.
  • Cannabis is a powerful therapeutic tool to enhance spiritual practices and promote creativity.
  • Cannabis helps us take down our walls and remove our masks so that we can love and heal our most authentic selves.

We hope that the GGG is not only soothing but transformative which will allow us to take our enhanced peace and creativity and spread it with our friends, family, community and the world at large.



  Five Founders From Left to Right: Ciera Lagges, Trish Demesmin, Deidra Bagdasarian, Sailene Ossman, Kelli Valentine

Five Founders From Left to Right: Ciera Lagges, Trish Demesmin, Deidra Bagdasarian, Sailene Ossman, Kelli Valentine

I guess defining the term Ganja Goddess is up to every goddess to decide for herself. But to me, being a ganja goddess means that I’m trying to use cannabis as a tool to improve and better myself, in general. More specifically, I like to use cannabis as a meditative tool. I find it helps me think outside the box and see things from a new perspective. And typically, that perspective has less self judgment and more empathy.

I find that cannabis helps me connect to the divine within myself – the part of me that’s connected to you, and to all people, all animals, plants, and life on this planet, and perhaps the universe. There is significant evidence and a scientific theory for how the spiritual concept “We are all One” is actually a physical reality. And cannabis helps me get to that place. It is this place of unity or oneness which we are striving to connect to at the Ganja Goddess Getaway.

If you use cannabis, or would like to use cannabis, as a meditative and spiritual tool, we hope you’ll consider joining us at the Getaway. There are limited tickets available, so be sure to secure yours soon! Looking forward to seeing you there, and truly making a connection.

- Miss Bliss & The Tribe

  Group photo from the August 2017 Pescadero getaway. by Ciera Lagges

Group photo from the August 2017 Pescadero getaway. by Ciera Lagges



Deidra Bagdasarian - Cannabis Expert / CEO

Deidra Bagdasarian, aka Miss Bliss, founded The Ganja Goddess Getaway in 2016 with the hopes of connecting women to each other, themselves, and the cannabis plant. She has a mission to share about the power of plants, particularly cannabis, for healing body and soul. She's taking this mission to women all over California, and soon all over the USA!! After co-founding the High Times award winning Bliss Edibles & Extracts and teaching Edibles courses at Oaksterdam University, she spent years dreaming of a cannabis event company that would serve women, a long neglected segment of the medical cannabis community. Miss Bliss has emerged as a strong and timely leader and expert in the industry, and she is eager to share her compelling stories about the healing and transformative powers of cannabis and other plants. Miss Bliss says the Ganja Goddess Getaway is absolutely her pet project, from her heart to the world!


Sailene001_FULLREZ. (1).jpg

Sailene Ossman - Cannabis Expert / Chief of Public Relations

After spending decades sharing her love of cannabis, Sailene Ossman is uniquely qualified to recognize the need and potential of the Ganja Goddesses. Years before Abbot Kinney was a global destination or before cannabis was openly discussed, Sailene was running the area’s original delivery service while simultaneously building a local community around Abbot’s Habit, the legendary coffee house at the center of the emerging neighborhood. Ganja Goddesses represents the same sort of opportunity, but on a much wider, more integrated scale. As a rare example of the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts, it is a much needed chance to bring a network of women who celebrate this magical plant together. Encompassing the educational, healing, spiritual, creative and social elements of the cannabis experience, the Goddesses are the next step in our collective evolution; and Sailene is thrilled to put her knowledge, soul and spirit into something as timely as it is heartfelt.


Trish Demesmin - Front House Event Coordinator

Trish is a pioneer in the medical cannabis industry. She started her career in cannabis over a decade ago as a manager at one of the few licensed dispensaries in Oakland. While working at the dispensary, she attended Oaksterdam University (OU) and graduated at the top of her class. She was then offered a position with OU as the Assistant to the Executive Chancellor and Lead Facilitator. While at Oaksterdam University, in addition to facilitating all classes, Trish had the opportunity to teach many key courses as well. She became an expert in the areas of Cannabis & Civics, Patient Relations, Dispensary Management, and Advocacy, and helped students understand these crucial industry categories. Additionally, she played a critical role in the expansion of the OU campus to Sebastopol and Ann Arbor, MI. She moved to Michigan to continue to act as Lead Facilitator at the OUMI campus and just recently returned home to the Bay Area. Since returning to California her dedication to cannabis has only increased. She currently works as Lab Manager for one of the premiere concentrate manufacturers in Northern Califormia: IVXX. She is also the President and Co-Founder of Cali Meds Delivery, supplying patients with top quality cannabis throughout the bay area. Additionally, she is Co-Founder and Events Coordinator of MYM Events and GGG Inc. Most importantly, Trish is a full time Mommy to a beautiful 6 year old little girl!



Kelli Valentine - Filmmaker

Kelli grew up in Spokane, Washington. She spent over 15 years perfecting her basketball game. It wasn’t until she mastered the sport she realized she was destined to make videos. Self-taught video editor and videographer Kelli truly feels like she found her thing! Vlogs, vournals, vines, videos, you name it and Kelli has made it. When she isn’t staring at a screen you can find Kelli in Auburn, CA moving on her yoga mat, making Kitchari, eating vegan fudge, and offering anyone and everyone tea.


Ciera Lagges - Chief Creative Officer

At a young age Ciera found creativity in the idea of making things her own. It was that mentality that gave her the longing for unique and contrasting ideas. With a background in graphic design and passion for photography Ciera has found her favorite forms of art. Having been bit by the travel bug Ciera is rarely at home but all of her possessions currently live in her hometown of Auburn, California. She enjoys antiquing, re-organizing her office, and fantasizing over Bob’s Burger of the day.