Imagine the green balloon arch, the fog machine, and the disco ball lights on the floors and walls....

That's right!! It's PROM with WEED!!! Join us for a Ladies Choice Dance!

Come dressed to impress: serious or sarcastic. Everything from Serious Black Tie Attire to Sarcastic Thrift Store Prom Costumes are appropriate. Or even better: create your own Ganja Goddess Couture look!!!

The theme of our Weed Prom is, of course, The Ganja Goddess. We'll be gathering for a night to celebrate the goddess in you through dance and dabs!! We'll have a DJ, plenty of stoner snacks, smoke/vape/edibles/dabs, couples photo souvenirs, vote for and crown Prom Royalty, prizes, plus so much more!!!

Don't forget your corsages and boutonnieres! And if you're looking for a group to rent a Limo with, let us know and we'll help you coordinate. Also, we'll have an unofficial Post Prom Party Meet Up available as well, more info at the Gala!!! Can't wait to meet your men and sistersesh with our tribe!! Or, just come as a solo goddess, it's all about the goddess, you need no date to complete you. Celebrate and boogy with us either way!! It's the perfect way to connect between Getaways!

***Men are only permitted to attend as the guest of a Goddess, they may not attend alone.***