Hey ladies!!

I hope you’re as excited about this retreat as I am!! This event is straight from my heart to yours!! I want women to get to turn to each other and create lasting bonds that will strengthen them in their daily lives. I want women to remember how much they love the little girl inside themselves. I want women to dream again and believe in the beauty and power of those dreams. I want to create a space where women walk away feeling transformed, transmuted, and shifted to more positive possibilities for themselves. I want women’s hearts to be lighter and their focus to be sharper. I want women to be able to give love and receive love. I want women to feel important and adored and appreciated. Women carry the weight and responsibility of caregiving, nurturing, and motherhood but how often do we offer these precious gifts to ourselves and to each other? I want GGG to be a space to share that loving kindness with ourselves and each other. I want us to practice radical self love, which is at the heart of all spiritual practices. All of the love until we meet in August!!

Miss Bliss